3D Glasses are special glasses that add depth to images. The glasses are really a red lens on the left (Or right) and a blue lens on the right (Or left). Some Atlantis Comics need 3D Glasses to see the images in 3D, but the bubbles aren't in 3D. The Atlantis Website can be made to have the 3D effect.


How to get themEdit

Canada, US, UK, GermanyEdit

There are 3 ways to get 3D Atlantis Glasses. You can get them with the January-February 2010 issue of Lego Magazine, Brickmaster, or Lego Club Jr. . You can find them inside Boxes of Select Atlantis Sets. Or purchase a pair by calling Lego Customer Service at: 1-800-835-4386 (North America) 00800 5346 5555 (Europe).


The 3D Glasses came in a clear plastic bag. If you got your glasses from a Lego Atlantis Set, you would get a flat cardboard Triangle which was a depiction of the Pyramid map to Atlantis. You could fold out the Triangle to find a plastic bag with the 3D Glasses in a bag. In the bag would be a fold out image of Ace Speedman with a blue SharkKey and a Shark Warrior in 3D along with the Giant Shark and Squid Warrior in the background.


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