City of Atlantis
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Professor Sam Rhodes
Captain Ace Speedman
Lobster Guardian
Barracuda Guardian
The Golden King

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Atlantis Key


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7985 City of Atlantis is an Atlantis set released in 2011.

Description Edit

The City of Atlantis is a building that features what appears to be Greek architecture. There are stairs leading up to a main floor, and beneath the main floor is a lower level with a golden gate and a dungeon. There is also a treasure chest, a trap door, lots of pillars holding up the roof and 2 tridents on the main floor. The roof has a trident at the top and has flick-fire missiles. A sub called the Artimus has flick-fire missiles, claws, a Diver and is holding a purple key. Another diver is also included with new yellow flippers, headlamps and a large propeller. Other Minifigures included are a Golden Atlantis Warrior, a Barracuda Guardian and a Lobster Guardian that all have tridents. Also included is a Giant Crab with claws and six legs. At the entrance there is a swinging axe and falling pillar after that. When the Keys are turned, The Golden King rises to reveal himself. Description Edit This is a description taken from

Free the golden king in the City of Atlantis!

At long last, the lost City of Atlantis has been discovered! Help Captain Ace Speedman and Professor Sam Rhodes release the golden king from the temple ruins! Avoid the booby traps and falling pillar as you battle the guardians. Whatever you do, stay out of the dungeon and away from the claws of the giant crab. Set includes 6 minifigures and Deep Sea Sub with flick missiles.flick missiles.

  • Includes 6 minifigures: giant crab, lobster guardian, barracuda guardian, golden king and 2 divers
  • Features Deep Sea Sub with flick missiles and claws
  • Swing the axe and drop the pillars!
  • Unlock the golden king with the treasure key lock function!
  • City of Atlantis measures 9” (22cm) wide, 9 (22cm) tall and 12” (30cm) long
  • Deep Sea Sub measures 5” (12cm) wide, and 5” (12cm) long

Notes Edit

  • The set features in To Enter Atlantis! in LEGO Club Magazine Issue 1 2011.