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Portal of Atlantis
8078 Portal of Atlantis
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All Five


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August 2010



Background Edit

8078 Portal of Atlantis is an set released in May. It include 6 minifigs. Axel Storms with a Camera, Ace Speedman, and Samantha Artisius Rhodes, a Shark Warrior, a Squid Warrior, a Naga Warrior, and a Diver Skeleton. This set includes all five keys. It also includes the Shark Castle, two brick built Shark Statues, and The Portal of Atlantis (Which is also brick built). There is also a way to move the top jaw of the Shark in the middle of the castle up. If the circular stone in front of the portal is turned, the Blue Portal Beams will move to the edge of the portal, revealing a gold coloured Treasure Chest.

English DescriptionEdit

The portal to the lost city of Atlantis is finally found! But getting through it will be the toughest task of all. First, they must get past the hidden traps, shark statues that come to life, squid warriors, shark-combatants and the Portal Emperor( Naga Warrior), before they can open the portal with the five keys. Will they succeed, or will they be taken prizoners?

- Includes Sam Rhodes, Ace Speedman, and Axel Storm divers!

-Includes squid warrior, Naga Warrior, and shark Warrior gaurdian minifigures

LEGO'S DescriptionEdit This is a description taken from (visit this item's product page)

The portal to the lost city of Atlantis has finally been found! But getting through it will be the divers' greatest challenge yet. They must first get past hidden traps, shark guardian statues that come alive, Squid and Shark Warriors and the Portal Emperor before unlocking the portal with the five Atlantis treasure keys! Will they prevail?

Includes 7 minifigures: 3 divers, 1 Portal Emperor, 1 Squid Warrior, 1 Shark Warrior, and 1 skeleton.

  • Set Contains 1007 Pieces
  • Insert a treasure key into the keystone and twist it to open the portal to Atlantis. All 5 Atlantis treasure keys: green, blue, yellow, red and orange.
  • Shark mouth opens to reveal stairway to the portal
  • Shark guardian sculptures come off and come alive to protect the treasures
  • Shark Castle measures 19 inches (48 cm) wide and 12.5 inches (32 cm) tall

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