An Airtank Helmet with the Visor Removed

Airtank Helmet are a part of the suit worn by all Divers in the Deep Sea Salvage Crew. They have to be worn when going into water, otherwise they will drown. They have a green visor, two tanks of air, and a two holes above the tanks. The holes can be used to put things on the side of the suit, like lights. These helmet suits are also worn by divers even when in vehicles. There is also button on the suit that will drain all of the water out the holes on the Helmet.


  • The Airtank Helmet is able to propel the wearer up by using air from the Air Tank, and blowing it out the two cylinders on the back of the helmet.
  • The reason Divers sometimes wears suits while in vehicles is if the wearer has to make a quick escape, or rush outside fast, they can without having to put on the suit.