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Lego Atlantis is a theme released in 2010, and the succsessor of Aqua Raiders. it featured new head sculpts, torsos and pants, diving gear, as well as stickers and both stickers. the theme will continue in 2011,and was discontinued in the same year.


ATL Preview

The Preview of the Theme included in the September-October 2009 Portuguese Lego Magazine

In the September-October 2009 Portuguese Lego Magazine, a preview for Atlantis was included. Showing a Radar with a red dot showing where the crew would be. The Translation in English:

"Destination Detected

In 2010, Lego dives in the ocean's depth... A mysterious universe filled with unknown aquatic creatures and buried treasures...

An old legend emerges. From January 2010"

Description Edit

Atlantis is a new, underwater LEGO theme officially released in January 2010. It is mildly similar to the discontinued Aquazone, Aqua Raiders, and Divers themes. In mid-November, a minisite was put up on

Atlantis features a group of explorers that are searching the sea floor for the eponymous lost city of Atlantis from ancient myths. They are equipped with a wide array of red futuristic underwater vehicles with light green viewports and weaponry. During their quest, they encounter giant guardians, as well as the warriors of Atlantis, which include Sharks, Squids, and Manta Rays in humanoid forms. The sets of this theme include either the vehicles of the explorers, ruin sites or single guardians (or a combination of these).

The theme reprises several elements from earlier underwaterLEGO themes, but combines them with a new distinctive look and an unprecedented setting. The concept of underwater treasure hunters came from Aquazone (1995-1998), Divers (1997), andAqua Raiders (2007), with the latter two being of a more modern design, and the former being of a more futuristic design. Atlantisintroduced more futuristic vehicles, as did the earlier Aquazonetheme, but the new designs in Atlantis bear little similarity to those of previous LEGO submarines, a look which is reinforced by the red and light green color scheme, which was never seen before in an underwater theme. The new theme also has a more elaborate back story than its predecessors, showcased on a dedicated website. In addition to this, all included minifigures (from the hero faction) portray individual, named characters, a concept that was also put to use in the Power Miners line from 2009. The villains inAtlantis are underwater creatures that have regular Minifigure bodies coupled with monstrous heads. Previous underwater themes featured antagonists that were other groups of humans, while some did not feature any villains at all, or rather pitted the main characters against giant sea creatures.

Background Edit

StoryEdit Minisite

On November 24th, a Minisite was released. What was on the site at the time was the Atlantis Teaser Game, the The Secret Journal of Dr.Artimus Rhodes, and the Pyramid map to Atlantis which could be downloaded to see high resolution pictures of some of the Landmarks. On January 4th, the Actual Site was launched.


The Deep Sea Salvage Crew are looking for The City of Atlantis and need to collect Keys to open the Portal to the City, while fighting Deep Sea Creatures.


2011 will be Atlantis's Second Year. According to the website, and the game The Atlantis Adventure, the crew has found the city and the game will have a continuation in January 2011, as they search the city ruins for the Golden King. the sets will also feature new mutant fish-men citizens of Atlantis (that look quite similar to Jawson) and new, more aggresive guardians. The divers will remain the same, except for the inclusion of Dr. Brains that previously was in the power miners theme.

Crossover Edit

In 2011, when the salvage crew searched the ruins of Atlantis, the diver Bobby Buoy was dropped from the theme and replaced by the Power Miners character Brains and renamed "Dr. Brains". The theme crossover was officially announced in's description of the set Dr. Brains is featured in, 7984 Deep Sea Raider, that he was recruited after completing his mission underground. Another crossover was featured in a comic in the Nov/Dec edition of LEGO Club Magazine where it was revealed the Aliens from Alien Conquest delivered the technology of the Treasure Keys and the Portal to Atlantis to the Atlantis Warriors. Later the Alien Commander used his UFO to kidnap The Golden King and use his power along with Amset-Ra and the 6 Golden Treasures to try and conquer the world. However it was an ultimate failure and caused the aliens to be forced to retreat.

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Notes Edit

  • All of the sets from the new theme include exclusive "keys" - see: Exclusive Keys.
  • In 8078, the Diver Skeleton is wearing an Aquaraiders Helmet.
  • There are two known impulse sets from the theme: (8072 and 8073.)
  • LEGO hosted an Atlantis Fantasy Camp in 2010.
  • Axel Storm's head was used in the Kingdoms theme in the set 7188 King's Carriage Ambush.
  • Lance Spears' head was used in the Bricks and More theme in the set 5929 Knight and Castle Building Set.
  • In The LEGO Movie, Wyldstyle's flashback involving the Master Builders showed Atlantis on the map in Lord Business's boarding room. It is shown in between Octan HQ and Dino Island.