Atlantis Finder
Atlantis Finder
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The Secret Journal of Dr.Artimus Rhodes
Atlantis Teaser Game

Atlantis Finder is a submarine that was used by Dr. Artimus Rhodes to find the City of Atlantis. It had a light, two swords sticking out the front, and a harpoon.


Dr. A Rhodes spent his family fortune to make this sub, it was very expensive to make, he even hired the top engineers to fabricate it. On August 17th 1919, Artimus set sail on a Steamer Ship with the Atlantis Finder inside. On September 13th at 3:31 pm, he entered the sub. 5 hours later at 8:30 pm, the sub almost crashed into a pirate ship wreck. An hour an 45 minutes later, the sub had descended 400 meters below the surface, and hovered over an extinct volcano. While entering the volcano, a Giant Crab tried to crush the sub beneath it's claws, but the sub entered the volcano quick for the crab to do so. At 2:30 am, the sub had descended 1200 meters beneath the sea. At 2:48, Squid Warriors attacked the Sub and dug there Tridents into it. However, a harpoon shot out of the Sub, and the attackers were hit with a rockslide. At 5:19, the subs propellers got tangled in seaweed. After Artimus finished getting the seaweed off the propellers, he was then attacked by Manta Warriors and dragged away from the sub. When he got back in the sub, one of the Manta Warriors followed him in. Several minutes later, the Giant Shark ripped the Atlantis Finder in half - Destroying it.