Crab Attack!
Crab Game Play
Released January ? 2010
Website Atlantis Website
Genre First Person Shooter
Controls Mouse - Move Target
Mouse Click - Fire Torpedoe
Space Bar - Activate Force Field
Notes None

Crab Attack! is the second Atlantis Online Game. The Player is in the Turbo Submarine and are trying to defeat the Giant Crab with torpedoes while protecting themselves from the crabs attacks. The Game can be played in 3D, but 3D Glasses are needed to see the 3D Effect.


Mouse Target

Mouse Click Shoot Torpedo

How to play

Crab Game Play

1 - The Giant Crab's health.

2 - The Player's health.

3 - The Gigantic Crab, the main Villain in this game.

4 - The Target. The player uses this to fire Torpedoes.

5 - The Force Field. The Force Field will act as a temporary shield to protect the player from the crabs attacks when activated, but it will disappear a few seconds after activation, and the shield can only be used 3 times.

6 - The Torpedo Recharge Bar. The red Rectangles will disappear the faster the torpedoes are fired. When all the Rectangles are gone from the bar, the player will not be able shoot any more Torpedoes till the bar has charged. As long as there's a Rectangle in the bar, the torpedoes will still be able to be fired.

Cheat Codes

There are 4 cheat codes.

Chicken - The player fires Rubber Chickens instead of Torpedoes.

Health - Gives the player unlimited health.

Force - Unlimited Force Fields.

Beans - After firing Torpedoes, Farting Gas releases from Torpedoes.






  • The code for the Farting Gas was before "Fart", but it was changed a month and a half later to "Beans".

Play It

Play Crab Attack