The Deep Sea Salvage Crew
Crew 2



Speargun, Flippers, Airtanks, keys, visor




8056 Monster Crab Clash
8057 Wreck Raider
8058 Guardian of the Deep
8059 Seabed Scavenger
8060 Typhoon Turbo Sub
8061 Gateway of the Squid (Two)
8072 Sea Jet
8075 Neptune Carrier (Three)
8079 Shadow Snapper

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The Deep Sea Salvage Crew are the main protagonists in the new, 2010 LEGO theme; Atlantis. They appear to be the "Good Guys" of the theme, and ride underwater vehicles, looking for the special keys. They appear to have to battle against the Squid Warriors, Shark Warriors, and Manta Warriors, to obtain them.

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The Divers feature dark gray diving suits with lime-green and silver features. The minifigures have printing on the front and backs of their torso and leg pieces. All of them feature a new breathing apparatus mold complete with air tanks and a full visor in a new color; trans-neon green. There is an image of the new Trident piece on the divers' left leg. The Divers are attempting to find and collect the keys. So far, there are six different divers.

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