Into The Deeps is a Two Page Atlantis Comic, and the first Comic released. It came with the January-February 2010 issue of Lego Magazine. 3D Glasses are needed to see images in the comic in 3D, but not the speech bubbles.


The comic starts off with a front view of the Turbo Sub. "Are we there yet?" says the Diver, the pilot of the Turbo Sub, Bobby Buoy then gets out of the sub. "No one has seen Atlantis in thousands of years. It may not even exist at all. So no, we're not there yet but we might be getting close" Says Bobby. "One of the five to finding Atlantis! They're real!" Says Turbo Sub Pilot when he spots the Shark Key. While Bobby is trying to pick up the Key, the Turbo Sub Pilot see's a Black Rock with yellow markings on it "Hey, there's something else over here. How are you at translating ancient Atlantean" Says the The Turbo Sub Pilot to Bobby. Bobby goes up to the rock while holding the Key "A little rusty, but I'll give it a shot," - you're Lunch!"" The rock gets up, and Bobby find out the rock isn't a rock at all - it's the Giant Shark! "Look out! Giant Shark!" says the Sub Pilot, "I can see it's a Giant Shark! Mayday! Mayday!!" Says Bobby Buoy as the shark chases him through the water. "Swim as fast as you can! I've got a plan!" Says the sub Pilot. "Activating...Typhoon Turbo Sub...Attack mode!" Says the Sub Pilot when the Sub transforms into Attack Mode. The Sub then grabs the tail of the Shark with it's robotic arm, but the Shark flips it's tail right, pushing the sub into the seafloor. "Whoa! That's one ferocious fish!" says the sub pilot, "Now it's your turn to hang on!" says Bobby as he see's this. The sub then transforms back to normal mode. Bobby then puts the key onto a rock, and watches the fight. "Here's a little trick you can only pull off with reversed engines" says the Sub Pilot as he moves backwards and blows some stones into the Shark, "But he wasn't expecting that meal!" says Bobby as he see's this happen. "And here's an extra snack to keep our hungry pal busy!" Says the sub pilot as he transforms into attack mode and fires a Missile at the Shark. "...Hey, remember what I said about us being close to Atlantis?" says Bobby as his elbow pushes the Key. "Well, I think we just found a clue!" He Said as he looks at the Gateway of the Squid with its open gates, and Squiddy.