Lego Atlantis Commercial 1 is a part CGI Lego Commercial advertising Guardian of the Deep and Typhoon Turbo Sub.


The red Lego Logo and the Atlantis Logo appear and a voice saying "New from Lego Atlantis" and Bobby Buoy is swimming into a cave, "Divers have found the key to the Gateway of Atlantis" says the voice as Bobby pulls the Shark Key out of the rock, puts onto a circular rock, and turns it around and the Portal of Atlantis shines brightly. Bobby then takes it off, "Look Out" says the voice. Just then, the Giant Shark swims past Bobby and grabs the Key with his teeth. Now the Actual brick built model of the Shark is held by a hand that moves it, and the voice returns saying "The Giant Shark guards the key" and the camera zooms up to the plastic key in the Sharks mouth, and it glimmers once. The Shark comes past the camera. The camera is now very close to the Bobby minifig, and the actual Bobby Buoy minifig turns right and says "Diver 1 Requesting Backup". "You can build the Typhoon Turbo Sub" says the announcer voice, and two hands build the Turbo Sub with the grren cockpit glass up. "And get back the treasure Key" says the Announcer voice, and a hand puts Axel Storms into the sub, and closes the cockpit glass. "You can speed into action" Says the Announcer Voice, and the hand picks up the Sub, and moves it past the camera, then moves it forward again, the camera the goes close to the cockpit. "Transform into Attack Mode" says the announcer as the shark goes near the camera, the sides flip up twice, "Load the Missle", a hand puts a Missle into the Launcher, "Fire", the hand pushes back the Axel that fires the Missle. The screen goes back to CGI, and the CGI Missle, hits the CGI Shark, and the shark is blown to pieces, and the pieces go into the Portal of Atlantis. Bobby then catches the shark key and says "Yes. We Got It". "Lego Atlantis. Each set sold separately" says the announcer as the viewer sees the two box's of the sets, and a Shark Warrior on the left of the screen. The Lego Logo is beside the Shark Key and a shark comes by, the Logo turns into a Boxing Glove, punches the Shark, and turns back into the Lego Logo.









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