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Lego Atlantis Commercial 2 is a CGI Lego Commercial advertising Neptune carrier and Gateway of the squid.


"New from Lego Atlantis" Says the announcer as Lance Spears swims towards the Gateway of the Squid with the Squid Key in his hand. "Divers found the key to the Gateway of the Squid" says the Announcer as Lance puts the key on the Circular Rock, turns it around, and takes it off. The gold gates open and the Squid Warrior looks at the Diver, spreads his arms out, and pushes his trident up into a rock. The rock brakes apart to reveal Squiddy. "Watch out" Says the announcer. The camera moves over to the real brick built version of the Gateway of the Squid and zooms up to it as the announcer says "The Giant Squid's awake" A hand picks up the Brick Built Squid "And it has razor sharp teeth" the spike mouth of the Squid Moves around. "Help!" says the Lance Spears Minifig. "You can build the massive Neptune Sub" Says the voice as it builds the Neptune Carrier. "Gear Up" Says the voice as the Minisub is put on the back of the sub. One of the top flaps of the Carrier are pushed in. "Prepare your Deep Sea Units" Says the voice as the Seabed Rover is pushed into the Carrier. "Dive into action" says the Voice as the Neptune Carrier is picked up and moves past the Camera. "And blow the Squid out of the water" says the voice as one hand is underneath the sub, and another flicks one of the Torpedoes out of the holder. The CGI Torpedo hits the CGI Squid. The Squid then explodes into pieces, and the pieces disintegrate and go into the Portal. "Ha Ha! We've got it!" Says Lance as he picks a Red Gem out of the Gold Treasure Chest. "Lego Atlantis. Each set sold Separately" the boxes for 8061 Gateway of the Squid and 8075 Neptune Carrier. A tentacle gets a hold of the Squid Key, but the Lego Logo pulls the tentacle, lets go, and the tentacle goes off screen.








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Lego Atlantis Commercial 2