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The All New Hammerhead Shark minifigure.

...That All of The New 2011 Sets can Be Seen at This Easy Flickr Page?
...That The Lego pick a brick & Digital Designer have been Updated with atlantis Parts?
...That The New Set, 8080 Undersea Explorer Can Transform into a Undersea Mech?
...That Brickshelf Member ElephantKnight created a Creation about Shark Warriors worshiping a Shark Idol?
...That Eurobricks member KDog Created a comic using the new Shark Warrior Minifigure as a Landshark?

More Did you knows...

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The sets below are the second line-up of LEGO Atlantis sets That are currently in Us Toys "R" Us'.

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  • September:Long Time No See! But We're Back! With More Images of The New Upcoming 2011 Atlantis Sets! Take a First Look at The New Atlanteans Such as The Crab Warrior, Angler Fish Warrior & Hammerhead Warrior! And Don't Forget The New Drill Submarine & Atlantis Temple! It's a Great New Year so Go and Check it Out!
  • April: The New DK Atlantis book is Revealed!
  • April: The Official Divers at Dawn Contest has Begun! Click Here to Learn More!
  • April: The Lego pick a brick & Digital Designer have been Updated with atlantis Parts! Read The Full Story!
  • Febuary: The 100th Article Has Been Created!
  • January: This Wiki Has Been Featured on The "What's Hot on Wiki" Sidebar! To See a Picture Go Here!
  • January: New Set Found!
  • January: The Lego Atlantis Site Goes Live!
  • January: All 18 Lego Atlantis Sets are officially released on
  • December: New sets found! See 8076, 8077, 8078.
  • December: January list of Atlantis sets officially released.
  • December: With the holiday season drawing nearer, Toys-R-Us stores around the US and Canada have been stocking many, if not all, of the new Atlantis sets.
  • December: The sets listed below have been placed for sale on
  • November: The set 8056, 8058, and 8060 have officially been released in Toys-R-Us around the US.
  • November: Reviews posted for 8056, 8058, and 8060 on Eurobricks.
  • October: New sets seen in Toys-R-Us Stores in the US.
  • September: Clear pictures of the new theme have been discovered on Flickr.
  • August: Wiki created.
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