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8073 Manta Warrior
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A Manta Warrior is an underwater minifigure from the LEGO Atlantis line. These warriors are known to wield Tridents and Manta Ray keys. They live in the Seaweed bed. The Manta Warrior has the appearance of a Man, but winged head of Manta Ray.


This standing creature has evolved from a Manta Ray. The Manta Warrior have an extremely curious Personality, but are suspicious of Humans and other Foreign objects. They are very skittish. They rise quickly from the sand then swiftly disappear into it. The Manta Warriors tail always move and likes to poke him. Therefore he spends much of his day chasing his tail. Unlike his gentle Manta Ray relatives, this Manta loves to bite. Still, he prefers to remain hidden between attacks. He may also use his Trident for attack.

Manta Head

The Manta Warrior' Head.

Manta Torso

The Torso of the Warrior.

Manta Helmet

The Helmet of the Warrior.

Appearances Edit

8077 Atlantis Exploration HQ