Neptune Carrier
Approx. Size:

Large (Exact measurements currently unknown)


8075 Neptune Carrier

The Neptune Carrier is the Deep Sea Salvage Crew's main vessel. It can transport the crew 15000 meters and farther. There is a Minisub that is attached behind the ship, and the Seabed Rover which departs and rests in the Bottom floor of the gigantic sub.


This Sub took the Deep Sea Salvage Crew from dry land, to 8000 meters under the sea. Not to soon after this, a Giant Crab attacked the ship. Pinching it's claws into the undersea vessel, it made leaks in the ship, letting water in. The Sub was then thrown by the Crab. After sliding down the sea floor, the Sub almost fell into a Volcano, when a Grapler Torpedo shot out the back, preventing this from happening. The cable for the Torpedo (Not being that strong) snapped. The sub then fell into the volcano, but lucky for the sub, it landed on some sort of rock, and then jetted through a tunnel till it came out a hole on the side of a Volcano. A small bit of water had leaked into the sub, forcing the Crew to depart from the sub, and carry on their search in smaller, brick built vehicles.


Flood lights line the top of the ship, casting light on the darkness. Propelled by giant fans, it effortlessly jets through the water. The Neptune Carrier has three floors: The top and first floor is the bridge. Controls for piloting the sub, defense, and many other things are done here. Surrounded by a transparent Bubble Shell, the pilot can get a good 360 degree view of the underwater world around them. The second floor (located in the middle of the ship) has a small Science Lab that helps the crew understand what they discover. The third floor, and bottom of the ship holds the docking bay. Filled with LEGO parts and bricks, it lets the crew create new vehicles to meet any challenge, and is even used for storage. All of the crew's Vehicles are stored here. This Sub had Torpedoes as weapons.The Picture shows two launched.


  • The reason "Neptune" is in the name of this vehicle is in Roman Mythology; Neptune is the God of the Sea, and since he ruled over everything in the sea, and the Neptune Carrier has all the Vehicles used by the crew and is the biggest sub, and goes underwater, it was appropriate to put Neptune at the start. (He is essentially the same as the Greek Poseidon).