Ocean Floor Explore
OFE Interface
Released March 1st 2010
(With Chapter 2 of The Atlantis Adventure)
Website Atlantis Website
Genre Adventure
Controls ↓ - Move Backwards
↑ - Move Forewords
Mouse/Click - Pick up treasure
Notes Game can be only played in The Atlantis Adventure

NOTE: Ocean Floor Explore is not the official name

Ocean Floor Explore is a game released with the The Atlantis Adventure Chapters, but was first released on March 1st 2010. The player is moving around collecting treasures. In every Chapter of The Atlantis Adventure, the game is different.


↑ - Move Foreword

↓ - Move Backwards


Move to the end of the area, while collecting treasures.


OFE Interface
1 - Instructions. This will show the controls for the game.
2 - Back Button. Clicking this will take the player back to the previous video viewed.
3 - Skip Button. Clicking this will take the player to the next video.
4 - Dr. Fishe's Photos. Clicking this will show the player an album of the taken pictures.
5 - Key count. A count of the keys collected in The Atlantis Adventure.
6 - Treasure Chest. Clicking this will bring up the gallery of items the player collected.



Chapter 2Edit



Chapter 3Edit





  • This game uses the same audio, and has a similar gameplay to the Atlantis Teaser Game.
  • This game features a lot of treasures which are cameos of other themes.
  • There is an area in Chapter 2 which is the same as area in the Atlantis Teaser Game.
  • In Chapter 2, the Audio has a low sound which sounds like a women screaming can be heard. It remains unknown what this sound is...