Portal of Atlantis
The Brick Built Version.


On top of Shark Castle

Objects needed to Activate

Crab Kay
Squid Kay
Shark Key
Turtle Key
Manta Ray Key

Transports to

The City of Atlantis

The Portal of Atlantis is a portal to Atlantis.


After tricking the Shark Warriors into chasing the unmanned Turbo Submarine and Scavenger, the Deep Sea Salvage Crew discovered the Turtle Key.

Sam became sad, she thought the keys would lead them to Atlantis. Captain Ace Speedman notices this, and encourages Sam to find Atlantis. Sam, inspired, thanked the captain, and soon discovered that the keys don´t lead them to Atlantis, they are the key. She places the keys in their respective slots, but Dr. Fisher notices there is still one last slot. Then suddenly, the Pyramid map to Atlantis opened, unveiling the Shark Key. Sam placed the key in the last slot and turned it, starting the Portal to Atlantis.

When this had happened, the 2 Shark Statues broke apart, to reveal a real Shark! The Sharks went straight at the Deep Sea Salvage Crew, scattering the crew. The Sharks started to circle the portal. Lance said they needed a rocket, Ace agreed to the idea.

Sam got two white bottles out of the two circular tubes of Fishers Airtank Helmet. Then Ace got two out of Lances helmet. Ace put one of the bottles behind each propeller of the Dive Booster, then Sam put one bottles on each side of the red circles that the Propellers are in.

All of the crew held on to the Dive Booster "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Lift Off!" says Ace, and the Dive Booster rockets into the portal, into the The City of Atlantis.


All five keys needed to be positioned close to the Portal to activate the Portal. The portal used the energy from the key to bring up the portal, but this needed to be done by turning the Circular rock with a key on it.