Samantha Moriss-Rhodes
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The Secret Journal of Dr.Artimus Rhodes

Samantha Moriss-Rhodes is the wife of Artimus Rhodes, as well as grandmother of Samantha Artisius Rhodes. She used to be Artimus´ lab assistant.

Biography Edit

Samantha was Artimus's lab assistant at the time he went to look for the Lost City Of Atlantis. Artimus had told her that he was going to look at coral. Even though he said this, she filled his Air Tank on his Suit wit 24 hours of air, instead of the 7 he asked for. She set sail on the same boat Artimus was on. Many hours later, she dropped the anchor for the ship she was on and hit Artimus on the head, saving him from the wrath of the Squid Warriors. She then brought him up, and right after that, a tentacle returned Artimus's Journal, and the Pyramid map to Atlantis. After this, Artimus proposed marriage to Sam, and she accepted. She also wrote two entries in Artimus's Journal.