Shark Castle
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An early version of the Shark Temple.


Shark Warriors
Naga Warrior





The Shark Castle is where the Shark Warriors lived.


Dr. Artimus Rhodes visited this area before getting captured, and thrown in a cell beneath probably inside, or below the Shark Castle. He, and his new friend Squiddy later escaped from this area by smashing through the walls of the cell.

Decades laterEdit

Fisher, Sam, and Lance followed Ace Speedman here when he went after the Manta Ray that knocked off his eyepatch and took the Manta Ray Key.

They later found him, with his eyepatch, the Manta Ray Key, and the Trident of the fallen Manta Ray. They approached the Shark Castle, but just then - the mouth of the castle opened, and out came Shark Warriors!

The Shark Warriors came over to Ace on the Dive Booster, but he jetted through them. One of the Warriors came near Fish who was standing scared, but the shark swam right past him. Fish then realized that the Warriors hunt by movement.

Sam, cleverly, made the Turbo Submarine and Scavenger move fast out of the cave by pushing a Trident into a lever that made the vehicles move straight, and the Shark Warriors pursued the Subs. Fish, Sam, Lance, and Ace got out of the sand that they hid in, and discovered the last key in their journey.

Sam became sad, she thought the keys would lead them to Atlantis, then she discovered that four of the keys go on the portal, and one goes on a circular rock. She put the keys where there supposed to go, then turned the key on the rock, and the portal started to come up.

When this had happened, the 2 Shark Statues broke apart, to reveal 2 real Sharks! The Sharks went straight at the Deep Sea Salvage Crew, making the crew swim away. The Sharks started to circle the portal. Lance said they needed a rocket, and Ace agreed to the idea.

Sam got two white bottles out of the two circular tubes of Fishers Airtank Helmet. Then Ace got two out of Lances helmet. Ace put one of the bottles behind each propeller of the Dive Booster, then Sam put one bottle on each side of the red circles that the Propellers are in.

All of the crew held on to the Dive Booster "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Lift Off!" says Ace, and the Dive Booster rockets into the portal, into the The City of Atlantis.


The Castle had a opening Shark Mouth, and stairs in the Shark Mouth led up to the Portal of Atlantis. On the walls, their are golden gates that open and close. It also had 2 look out towers.