Shark Chase
piece of crap
Released June 12th 2010
Website Atlantis Website
Genre Side Scrolling
Controls Up Arrow key - Move Up
Down Arrow key - Move Down
Notes Was slow on some browsers, increasing the difficulty

Shark Chase is a game released with the The Atlantis Adventure. The player controlled Ace Speedman on the Dive Booster going through a underground tunnel, trying to escape the jaws of the Giant Shark. The game could be played in 3D but 3D Glasses were needed.


Up Arrow Key - Move Dive Booster Up
Down Arrow Key - Move Dive Booster Down

Pick upsEdit

Power Crystal - Replenishes health and increases the player's Distance.


Escape the Underground cavern and the jaws of the shark.

Cheat CodesEdit

Sharkproof - Makes the player invincible.
Fast - Speeds up the player.
Beans- Plays fart sound effects whenever the player hits something.
Dark- makes it dark.

How to PlayEdit

1 - The players health. The player has a maximum of 4 blows. when the Shark is highlighted in Red, the player will be eaten by the Shark in a matter of seconds.
2 - The Player.
3 - The Map. The Red Dot is the player.
4 - The Shark, the main enemy.


Falling Lego BricksEdit

These bricks will fall from high up in a pair.


Lava will spout up and down at medium speed.

Puffer FishEdit

They will inflate, and deflate after a few seconds. Best to pass them while deflated.

Electric EelEdit

Longer then the Puffer Fish, but easier to pass. not you die !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Falling StalactitesEdit

Almost the same as Falling Lego Bricks, except it falls when the player goes exactly underneath it.








  • This game was probably the most difficult Atlantis Game due to it Slowing Down most browsers, and small gaps.
  • The player sometimes plays as the Turbo Submarine.