The Squid Temple
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The Squid Temple.


Squid Warriors





The Squid Temple is the home of the Squid Warriors.


Dr. Artimus Rhodes visited this place twice. The first time was when he watched them sleeping. The second time was when Squiddy fled to the temple to escape the snapping jaws of the Giant Shark.

Decades LaterEdit

The Deep Sea Salvage Crew visited here once, and Fish asked the Squid Warriors if they would tell them where the Squid Key was. The Squid Warriors instead tossed all there Tridents where fish was standing. All of the Crew of the Salvage Crew got in their vehicles and departed.


The Temple had many holes which is assumed where the Squid People sleep. The top of the temple looks like a Squid Head, and it looks like the small rock ropes are supposed to imitate Tentacles. The Squid People may have built the squid temple to look as if there was a squid on on top of it. The stone rectangle lifted up, so the Squid Warriors could come out the entrance to the temple, and down, when the entrance was protected. The markings on this moving stone rectangle was the same as where the Squid Key was supposed to go on the Pyramid Map to Atlantis. The Gateway of the Squid may had been a part of the Squid Temple, or it may had been the entrance.