Tentacle Tickle!
TT Interface
Released March 1st 2010
Website Atlantis Website
Genre Memory
Controls Mouse - Pick Tentacle
Notes None

Tentacle Tickle is the second Atlantis game released for the Atlantis Website. The player has to remember the order the tentacles flash. Each time it is played, the order is different. It can be played in 3D.


Mouse - Pick Tentacle


The player has to click all the tentacles in the right order. Click the wrong one and it's game over. On every turn, the tentacles flash more quickly. The player will eventually have to click all 6 tentacles.

When the player wins, the Dive Booster/Scavenger moves away from the squid (Even though it looks like the Squid moves away from the Dive Booster/Scavenger)


TT Interface
1 - A lit up tentacle. These are one of the tentacles the player must click.
2 - Sound. Clicking this will turn off the sound.

Cheat CodesEdit

Postoje 4 mangupirati se kod
<- RTE.!: {"prostorima ": 0," tip ":". LINE_BREAK "} -> Slow - usporit će osvjetljenje ticala, čineći ga lakše za igrača zapamtiti redoslijed grah - Squiddy smijeh onda Farts
<- RTE.!: {"prostorima": 0, "tip ":" LINE_BREAK "} ->
Jednostavno - igrač ima samo kliknite 3 ticala umjesto 6
<- RTE.!:: {"prostorima": 0, "tip": "LINE_BREAK"} -> Ink - Squiddy pošprica tinte kada je njegova ticala su tickled. '''''''

'''''''Cheat Codes'''''''Edit

'''''''There are 4 cheat codes.

Slow - will slow down the lighting of the tentacles, making it easier for the player to remember the order.

Beans - Squiddy laughs then farts.

Easy - The player has to only click 3 tentacles instead of 6.

'Ink - Squiddy squirts ink when his tentacles are tickled.'''''''

''''''' '''''''






  • The Squid laughs when a tentacle is tickled.
  • Sometime when the player plays, they are in the hull of the Scavenger.

Play ItEdit

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