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    New Wiki

    July 10, 2010 by NOBODY

    'bout a month ago, I created a new wiki! I called it... the Space Police Wiki! It took a longtime to finish the templates, but I eventually got all 'o 'em done. I then changed the name to Lego Space Wiki. Now I have to complete tons more templates because of the change (you really think you can represent 17 themes with 1 Set Template?).

    Go to the Lego Space Wiki!

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    Lego from Heaven!

    June 29, 2010 by NOBODY

    Hi! I am soooooooooooooo happy! Do you know why? Read on to find out!

    I was walking in a Field behind the house to a swimming pool (Yes it was free). While I was walking, my dad found some Lego. Immediately I looked down...and went half insane. Lego was on the ground! Beautiful Lego!

    It was mostly minifigs, but I don't care. It took me 5 Minutes to round up all the bricks. I went back to the house to drop the bricks off (My sibling was not happy).

    • Pieces of Squidmans Escape
    • Pieces of Freeze Ray Frenzy
    • Ninja (Not the Collectible Minifig one)
    • Torso-hat-bag-less Indy
    • Headless Inferno Henchmen
    • Space Police Officer (Squidmans Escape)
    • Helmetless Castle Troll
    • Helmetless Castle Troll with Shoulder Armor
    • Star Wars Clone Trooper
    • Star Wars Clone Trooper
    • Star Wars…

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    I know, review week was supposed to be 2 Weeks where I shpwaces all my Collectible Minifig Review, but I couldn't manage it all. It was to hard for me to do a 10+ Image Review everyday. I'll be posting one by one, but I haven't announced any dates. Sorry.

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    8683-6: Skater

    June 12, 2010 by NOBODY

    Sorry I'm late! A lot of things happened where I wasn't able to get on. Anyway, I best be getting on with my Review of....8683-6 Skateboarder!.

    Item #: 8693
    Ages: 5+
    Pieces: 7
    Price: $2.99 CDN / $1.99 US

    • Here we have the Skateboarder with his board.
    • The Skateboarder without his board. The printing is AWESOME!
    • Here we have the Hair. From the front.
    • From the left side.
    • From the back.
    • From the Top.
    • Comparison. Skateboarders hair on the left, Clone Wars Anakin on the right.
    • And here we have the actual Blue Board itself!
    • Underneath the blue board we see the Skateboarder is really a strong man! Look at those weights!
    • Here we have the plain wheels/weights.
    • Secretly hidden, there is really a hidden bar between the the two wheels where the Kid can hold.
    • The Skateboar…

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    8683-5: Zombie

    June 11, 2010 by NOBODY

    The 5th day of Review week is already here! I shall now review...8683-5 Zombie! He doesn't really look like a zombie, more like the grinning man. Anyway, onto the review!

    Item #: 8693
    Ages: 5+
    Pieces: 5
    Price: $2.99 CDN / $1.99 US

    • Here we have the Zombie.
    • The Zombie without his Turkey leg and Shovel.
    • A Close up of the Zombie's cloths.
    • The Zombie from behind.
    • Another image of the Zombie (How'd this get in here?).
    • Here we have the Turkey Leg! The Orange expanded Turkey leg (If you wonder why I say expanded, it's because the bone of the Turkey leg is longer then the usual Turkey Leg).
    • The Leg from behind. Because of that round hole thing, the minifig can hold it on his hand.
    • Here we have a comparison of 2 Shovels! The Zombie one on the Left, Power Miners one…

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